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Sending Images via FTP

  • Before sending in your images please make sure all your images have a sRGB color profile.
  • We have a super easy-to-use FTP system to send us your photos! All you need to do is go to and enter the password “photoupload”.
  • You can upload three photo shoots at once!
  • Please upload your images within 48 hours after the photo shoot.


We will email you a link to a form to complete. The form will serve as your invoice. Please make sure that you submit the form within 48 hours after the photo shoot. Do not email us your invoices!

Please reach out to Nic Kennedy and Michael Stewart with any invoicing questions!

GYB Contact Info

The Scheduling Coordinator and their personal contact information is included in the original scheduling email for each photo shoot. Scheduling Coordinators are typically assigned per state, however there is often variation between each semester or if you complete shoots in multiple states.


Photography Department:

Scheduling Department:

GreekYearbook HQ:
11103 Pepper Road // Hunt Valley, MD 21031 // 866-473-3592

Nic Kennedy

Nic Kennedy

Head Photographer

cell: 443-710-2613  //

Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart

Photography Department Supervisor

cell: 301-830-0994  //