Get to know GreekYearbook Bill Pay:

Bill Pay lets you order as a group and then pay individually because that just makes sense!

  • No more collecting money from members.
  • Keep track of who has/hasn’t paid yet.
  • Your order will ship once everyone in your chapter has paid!
  • Did we mention that you don’t have to hassle your friends for money anymore?

How The Process Works:



GreekYearbook photographs your chapter’s bid day for FREE! For each photo we take we do a formal pose and then a fun/crazy pose (the crazier, the better!).



Members order the photo packages that they want on Bid Day. No money will be collected on Bid Day to make the process easier for you.


Pay & Enjoy

We collect individual payments with Bill Pay. Once everyone pays for their order, your account will move forward.

Some of the Perks:

  • No more collecting money from members.
  • Real time payment status updates.
  • Keep track of who has/hasn’t paid.
  • Members will be notified when the order ships.