Photograph For GreekYearbook

We are looking for professional freelance photographers who are skilled in portrait and/or group photography.

Why become a GreekYearbook photographer?

Enjoy being a part of a fun, young and exciting environment.
Gain opportunities to fill gaps in your busy schedule.
We work with college students across the entire country.
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Photographer Spotlight:

Denny Medley
A photography maestro with 25 years of capturing moments, including an astounding 17-year legacy at GreekYearbook.

Denny Medley
Denny Medley

Self-taught From The Get-go

He never took a photography class, but his lens was his constant companion since his early years. High school saw him juggling his own darkroom and capturing memories through senior portraits and sports photography. At GYB, Denny’s favorite part is working with students. Seeing them light up when they view their composite shots on the LCD is a joy he cherishes.

Beyond GreekYearbook, Denny is a sports photography pro, covering the NFL, MLB, MLS, NWSL, and NCAA college sports, with a focus on football and basketball. He also excels in commercial work, with a knack for environmental shots and corporate events.

He’s a proud “girldad” to a remarkable daughter who’s a registered Vet Tech at the Kansas City Zoo. With almost four decades of blissful marriage under his belt, he’s truly livin’ the love story. The cherry on top – he’s still head over heels for what he does every day. Making photos isn’t just a job; it’s a lifelong passion. There ain’t nothin’ better than that!

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