Bid Day Photography

Why choose GreekYearbook?

Because you get all of this…

Five free 10×15” chapter house photos added for your sorority.

Free crest and lettering added to all of your photos & products.

A convenient online account management system called myGYB.

A professional scheduling coordinator to manage all of the details.

Our commitment

As sorority and fraternity alumni, we understand the importance of Bid Day and are committed to capturing all of the excitement! And with GreekYearbook, Bid Day Photography is always FREE!

How the Bid Day photography process works:



GYB provides you with a free, professional photographer, and a scheduling coordinator to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Your chapter can sit back, relax, and enjoy the excitement of Bid Day!



We start off with a group photo of the entire chapter. After shooting the entire chapter, we photograph each pledge class. We take a formal pose and then a fun/crazy pose of the chapter and of each pledge class.



Order forms will be handed out to each member. Any member who chooses to place an order must do so during your Bid Day photo shoot. No money will be collected on Bid Day to make the process easier for you.


Pay & Enjoy

After your shoot, an invoice will be posted to your chapter’s online account. Your chapter collects member payments and pays the total invoice. Then, all photos will be sent within 7–10 days. Enjoy!

“Overall our organizations’ experience with GreekYearbook was wonderful and would highly recommend them to other organizations.”

Kappa Delta, University of Kansas

Photography: We start off with a group photo of the entire chapter. For each photo we take we do a formal/serious pose and then a fun/crazy pose. After shooting the chapter photo we will continue by taking a photo of each pledge class or year. Our photographers are seasoned professionals who photograph Bid Day all year round and will make the photo-taking process fun and easy for your members.

Scheduling: Scheduling is easy with GreekYearbook’s Bid Day photography services! GreekYearbook has a network of over 200 photographers who photograph Composite and Bid Day events throughout the United States and Canada. Once your chapter or Panhellenic council sends in a contract, we will then book a team of our professional photographers to come out to you on Bid Day. We know how hectic this day can be and our professionals will work hard to ensure things go smoothly and quickly. 

Ordering: All members will be able to order their photos on Bid Day. We do not collect any money on Bid Day to make the process go smoother and quicker. After the shoot, the chapter will be billed for the photos ordered. Once we receive payment, all photos will be sent out to the chapter. All photos are priced at competitive pricing and we have a variety of packages available.

Free Professional Photographers: Our Bid Day service is completely free! Your chapter will receive a free photo shoot with one of our professional photographers at a time of your choice on Bid Day. No minimum order is required!

Customer Satisfaction: 96% of our Bid Day clients surveyed say that GreekYearbook when compared to other Bid Day companies is extremely easy to use and they were happy with the outcome.