Bid Day Photography Training:

During The Shoot

Overview // Before // Arrival // During // After

Process Overview

  • As members enter the photo shoot, direct them to the welcome sign and QR code.
  • Members should scan the QR code and begin filling out their digital forms as they wait to be photographed.
  • Each member should have at least 5 photos taken.
  • Show each member their photos so they can choose their favorite image for their chapter’s composite. If for some reason, they do not like any of their photos, please offer to retake them.
  • Tell them the chosen photo number (NOT the counter number). Disregard your camera’s counter number, we need image numbers only.
  • They should enter this number on their form and then submit their form.
  • MAKE SURE each member submits their form.

Attire Placement

Female: Drapes should be placed just past the downward slope of shoulders coming to a “v” in the upper center of chest. Have the student’s friend make corrections to placement.
attire placement
Male: Ties should be tightened to the top of the shirt and straight. Jackets should be buttoned and pulled flat against the back of the neck. Jackets should stay flat against the abdomen.

Atire placement

FAQs From The Chapter

How do I schedule a make-up shoot?
Make-ups are scheduled through your Scheduling Coordinator. Do not try to schedule it yourself. They cost $350 for the first hour with a 15-member minimum and $50 for each additional hour.

What if members can’t attend the shoot?
There are four options:

  1. Schedule a make-up shoot.
  2. Reuse a photo from a previous year (if available).
  3. Submit a photo (contact your designer via myGYB for more info.)
  4. Be listed as “not pictured” on the bottom of the composite.

Can I order my individual portraits?
Yes. You will be notified when your portraits are ready to view and purchase online. You and your parents will be emailed. Digital forms should be complete and accurate so we can effectively notify you!

Do you really need my parents’ contact info?
Yes, we use this information to notify your parents that your individual portraits are available to purchase.

Can my chapter take gag photos?
No. Per your National Office’s guidelines, you are not permitted to have gag photos on your Composite. Please reference our gag photo policies emailed prior to your shoot.

What if I can’t pay today?
Your shoot will proceed as normal. You can make a payment online or mail a check to GreekYearbook. If payment is not received within a week of your shoot, our billing department will contact you regarding your payment and your account will be placed on hold, delaying the production of your composite.

Can we pay in cash?
No. Acceptable forms of payment include check, money order, or major credit card online.

Can we extend our photo shoot?
If you are able to stay past the scheduled photo shoot time, the chapter is able to extend its time slot. A one-hour extension is an additional $50 fee. Please be sure they know about the fee and have the chapter contact sign off on your composite invoice for the additional charge. You must add it to your invoice. The additional fee is to compensate you for the extra time!

Where do I list my officer titles?
You do not need to write your officer titles on your Composite form. Your chapter contact will provide these via your chapter’s online myGYB account.

Do you re-touch the photos?
We base edit all photos for light/color correction, cropping etc.

Will the spelling of my name on the composite form be identical to the spelling on the composite?
Not necessarily, we use the spelling that your contact provides us in myGYB.


Chapter Issues

You can’t get in touch with your contact:

Always go to the shoot regardless of whether you’ve heard from the contact or not. Try texting them if you haven’t already.

You show up, the chapter isn’t there:

First, call the chapter contact. If no response, call the Scheduling Coordinator ASAP. We will try to get in touch with the secondary contacts. If for some reason the shoot doesn’t happen please notify us right away.

The chapter is attempting to do a gag composite:

All of the National Greek Organizations have banned gag composites. We are not allowed to create composites with gag photos included. Inform the chapter that their National Organization (not GreekYearbook) does not allow this. If they still want gag photos, try to convince them to do at least two normal photos each. If they do not comply, call the Scheduling Coordinator ASAP.

Equipment Issues

Your camera breaks/malfunctions:

Please make sure you have a back-up camera with you at shoots in case something goes wrong. When using the back-up camera, be mindful of the range numbers, if they overlap there will be processing issues.

Timing Issues

You’re running late:

Make sure you check traffic conditions and give yourself plenty of time to get to the shoot. If you are running late, let the chapter contact know and let them know when to expect you. Be prepared to stay after the original end time of the shoot to make up for any members who weren’t photographed during the time slots you missed. If a makeup shoot is needed due to your lateness, we may need you to do the shoot for no charge.

The shoot is running late:

If you notice the shoot might go past the end time, let the chapter contact know. If you have to stay an extra half hour or later we will compensate you for your time ($50/hour). You must get the chapter contact/president’s signature and a note, agreeing to the extra charges in order to receive this money. 

Attendance is poor:

If your contact person is not at the shoot, text them updates letting them know that attendance is poor so they can encourage their members to show up.

Scheduling Issues

There is inclement weather:

If the shoot is supposed to be outdoors and it’s raining, the chapter is required to have a backup location for the shoot. If the chapter needs to reschedule, you will be paid the cancellation fee. If you need to cancel based on weather conditions and you cannot reach the shoot location, let the Scheduling Coordinator know ASAP. If there is extreme weather (hurricane, tornado, etc) and school is closed, let the Scheduling Coordinator know and the shoot will be rescheduled.

You have a scheduling conflict:

If an emergency comes up and you can no longer do your shoot on the scheduled date please let the Scheduling Coordinator know as soon as possible. We will try to reschedule with the chapter, but if we cannot the shoot will be given to another photographer.

Gag Composites

GreekYearbook is not authorized, per most national organizations, to produce composites that include “gag” photos. GYB is a licensed vendor with these national organizations and in order to remain licensed we must abide by their rules and standards. Any company who produces a gag composite is in jeopardy of losing their license, which means they can no longer work with that organization nationwide.

These national organizations are working to shed the negative stereotypes that they have been associated with in the past. This is one of the reasons they are concerned with the way their chapters are portrayed in their composite photos. Many chapters have a tradition of doing gag photos, and unfortunately this is no longer acceptable.

How to handle a gag composite attempt:

Step 1: Tell the member that, per their national organization, you are not allowed to take a gag photo of them.

Step 2: Try to get at least two normal photo of them that we can use on the composite in the event they insist on taking a gag photo.

Step 3: If most members are refusing to take normal shots, call the Scheduling Coordinator.

Any gag photos which make it to the office will not be used on the composite. The chapter will either have to re-shoot these members, reuse photos from last year, or leave them off of the composite completely – ultimately costing the chapter more money.

What makes a photo “gag”?

  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Gestures
  • Goofy Hats
  • Goofy Sunglasses
  • Drug, Alcohol and Sexual References
  • Nudity/Shirtless

Do’s & Don’ts

Our licensing agreement requires us to abide by the following rule:

“In order to ensure the safety and well-being of all parties, photographers should not arrange the clothing or otherwise physically handle the person being photographed. Photographers should solicit help and support from other members should wardrobe adjustments need to be made.”

Do: Instruct subjects to adjust drapes, ties, or jackets as needed. Or have one of the student’s friend help!

Girl Adjusting Drape

Don’t: Adjust the subject’s drape, tie, or jacket yourself or touch the subject for any reason.

Unhappy girl having drape adjusted<br />
Do: Double-check that the subject is in focus and sharp. Focus on the subject’s eyes.
Subject in focus<br />
Don’t: Take out-of-focus photos or focus on backdrop.
subject out of focus
Do: Ask the subject to turn her shoulder slightly.
slight shoulder turn
Don’t: Have the subject turn her shoulder too far.
subject turning too far