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bid day:

Scheduling your Bid Day shoot >

Q: What is a round?
A: Your photographer will be photographing at least one other chapter on Bid Day. Your photo shoot round will tell you where your chapter is in the photo shoot order. Often, Panhellenic’s schedule will have last minute changes and the new members will be released earlier or later than planned. In these situations, your photo shoot time will change accordingly, but your round number will stay the same!

Q: How should I prepare as my chapter’s Bid Day Planner?
A: To help Bid Day run smoothly, there are several important things to keep in mind as the Bid Day Planner. First, please be sure to inform your chapter of the PHOTO ordering process.

Secondly, it is important to prepare your photo shoot location: clearing space to fit your chapter, setting up chairs, and preparing a backup location in case of bad weather. Lastly, we ask that you check in with your photographer to keep updated on any changes on Bid Day.

Q: Where should my photo shoot location be?
A: Wherever is best for you! Our photographers will travel to campuses, chapter houses, and even off-site locations!

Q: How can I contact my photographer?
A: Your photographer’s name and phone number will be provided for you in your official scheduling email. Please keep in mind that all scheduling changes must be done through your Scheduling Coordinator, not your photographer.

The Bid Day Photo shoot >

Q: Who should I let know if anything changes?
A: If there are any changes leading up to the shoot, please contact your Scheduling Coordinator. If there are changes the day of Bid Day, please let your photographer know ASAP!

Q: PHC is running late, what do I do?
A: Not a problem, we understand how busy Bid Day can get! We will adjust the schedule accordingly. However, it is important to keep your photographer updated on Bid Day so they are aware and can prepare for changes!

Q: What should I do to help on Bid Day?
A: Please be sure to assist the photographer with getting your members attention for photos, as well as handing out and collecting order forms. You can also assist by organizing pledge classes to make sure that all groups are photographed.

Q: How do I order my photos?
A: Order forms will be handed out to each member during the shoot. Please be sure to fill out all of the information requested on the order form! If you or your members have any questions about the form please feel free to ask anyone in a GreekYearbook shirt. We’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions! Please keep in mind that all orders must be placed on Bid Day. We will not be collecting any money on the day of the shoot but all orders are final.

Q: How do I indicate which pledge class photo I’d like to order?A: The order form will ask for both pledge class and academic class, please indicate which you would like on your order form!

After Your Bid Day shoot >

Q: My Bid Day shoot is over, now what?
A: Make sure to log into your myGYB account and update your contact info! Your myGYB is an online account management system that allows you to keep track of your chapter’s order after the shoot. With this account you will be able to:
– View/pay your chapter’s itemized invoice
– Label the proofs of your photos after payment is received (this ensures proper printing)
– Correspond directly with our team
– Track your order’s progress and shipment

Q: How do I know which of my members placed orders for Bid Day photos?
A: An itemized invoice will be posted in your myGYB account within 10 days of your photo shoot. On this invoice you will be able to see who ordered, what they ordered, and how much their order costs. You will be notified as soon as your invoice has been posted!

Q: What if someone wants to cancel an order?
A: All orders placed on Bid Day are final. This policy is also stated on the Bid Day order form that is filled out and handed in by your members; “All orders placed are final. By completing this form you agree to be responsible for payment to your chapter. So unfortunately we cannot cancel any of the orders that are placed on bid day.

Q: How do I pay for my chapter’s order?
A: We require that only ONE payment is submitted for your chapter’s total balance due. How you collect payment from your members is entirely up to you!
We accept credit card payments over the phone or online.
Or you can mail a check made out to GreekYearbook to:
11103 Pepper Rd.
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Completing your Chapter's order >

Q: Is there anything else I have to do after paying for my chapters’ order?
A: Yes! The chapter contact needs to complete a Photo Labeling step before we can print and ship your order. Photo labeling is a super quick step and is also super important because it ensures that each member gets the picture they appear in.

Q: How and when do I label my Bid Day photos?
A: We will post proofs of your Bid Day photos in your mygyb account 2-3 days after your full payment is received. There will be a blank space next to each photo for you to tell us which pledge class and/or academic class is in each photo. For example, you will let us know who the “new member pledge class” is so we print those photos for the new members! We cannot print the photos until this step is completed. These labels will not appear on the photos. Your school name, organization, crest and “Bid Day (corresponding semester/year)” will be the only text on the photos.

Q: What happens after I have completed labeling the photos?
A: Once the photos have been labeled we will contact you if there is any further information we will need. Once we have confirmed your labeling, your photos will be sent to print!

Q: When do I get the photos?
A: Once payment is received, all of the proofs have been labeled and we have all the necessary labeling information, your chapter’s photos will be sent to print. After they have gone to print they will ship in 7-10 business days.

Q: Where will you ship the photos?
A: All individual orders will be shipped in one package to the Chapter Contact to the address provided in myGYB. When the order ships, you will receive an email with the FedEx tracking information so you can look at the estimated arrival date. Each package will include a copy of the itemized invoice and a Bid Day order form so passing out the photos is easy!

General bid day questions >

Q: What is the average turnaround time for Bid Day photos?
A: Your order will be completed within 10 business days of payment being received.

Q: Who can I contact with questions?
A: You should post any questions on the message board in your myGYB account. You can also call us at 1.866.GREEK.YB or email us at

Q: What if the chapter contact changes after the Bid Day shoot?
A: If the chapter contact changes, please contact us immediately with the new contact’s information (name, phone number and email address) so that we can get your chapter’s photos processed.

Q: Can my chapter see/order the photos online?
A: The short answer, no. The proofs of the photos are posted online after payment is received for labeling purposes only; this is done to ensure proper printing.  Our designers choose the best formal and fun photo of each group photographed (i.e. everyone is looking, everyone’s eyes are open, you can see everyone’s face, etc…) so, no need to worry about that! GYB does not offer online ordering. All orders must be placed at Bid Day by filling out an order form provided by your photographer.


Scheduling your Composite shoot >

Q: How do I schedule a date for my Fraternity or Sorority Composite photo shoot?
A: At GreekYearbook, we believe in working with your chapter’s schedule! Simply provide us with three dates that work for your fraternity or sorority. We then work with your photographer to set a date convenient for all of your members, we call this preferred scheduling!

Q: How much notice do I need to give GreekYearbook before scheduling my Composite shoot?
A: GYB can schedule your shoot at any time throughout the semester. That being said, the sooner you can tell us your requested dates, the better! The earlier we know what date works for you, the earlier we can secure one of our professional photographers for your chapter!

Q: Who should we be in contact with after new officers are elected so they can assume their responsibilities?
A: To prevent miscommunication we ask that you let your Scheduling Coordinator know as soon as new officers are elected.

Q: What should I do if I have been scheduled and I just realized there is a conflict for that day/time and I need to change it?
A: As soon as you realize that you need to make a change please contact your scheduling coordinator immediately or call our offices at 1.866.GREEK.YB Rescheduling fees may apply if you need to change the date of your photo shoot.

Q: What should I do if the location of the photo shoot has changed?
A: Once you have the new location secured please contact your scheduling coordinator. If it’s a last minute change on your shoot date, call your photographer too so they go to the correct place.

The Composite Photo shoot >

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for my photo shoot?
A: Your role as the Composite Planner is very important! First, please be sure to fill out your Planning Guide at your earliest convenience so we can start planning and securing you a photographer! If you do not put requested dates on your guide, please make sure that you tell your Scheduling Coordinator as soon as you know them. Secondly, we recommend that you complete Steps 1-3 in your myGYB account prior to your shoot – this will speed up your turnaround time!

Q: Where can I have my photo shoot?
A: When selecting a photo shoot location, be sure to select a space big enough to set up a backdrop and make sure that your photographer will have access to a power source. Our photographers would be happy to travel to your chapter houses or campuses and are skilled in both indoor and outdoor photography.

Q: How can I contact my photographer?
A: Your photographer’s name and phone number will be provided in your official scheduling email. Keep in mind that all scheduling changes must be done through your Scheduling Coordinator, not your photographer.

Q: Can I schedule my photo shoot on a weekend?
A: You can schedule your photo shoot any day of the week, including weekends! We know how tricky it can be to schedule around classes so our photographers can start in the early morning or end in the late evening. When selecting your dates, keep in my mind any holidays or semester breaks!

Q: Can we take gag photos for our Composites?
A: Your national organizations do not allow us to produce gag Composites. Should your members disregard this policy, re-shoot fees will apply.

Q: When should my members arrive for the photo shoot?
A: We will provide the chapter contact with a sign-up sheet that allows your members to sign up for their own time slots. This tends to work best and makes the shoot run a lot more smoothly. Otherwise, you should have your members come at staggered times throughout your composite shoot. This will help to avoid a rush at the end and will give everyone the proper amount of time to ensure a good photograph.

Q: Will you provide drapes and/or pearls & jackets and/or ties?
A: If you requested a jacket or drapes prior to the shoot they will be provided. The photographer will have 1 jacket and 2 drapes. We can also provide 2 strands of pearls to a chapter for an additional cost but we do not provide ties at this time.  All the drapes for women are black and one size fits all.
PLEASE NOTE: The men’s jacket that is provided is a navy blue or black blazer and is a standard size. Our jacket is only to be used as backup just in case someone forgets their own. If members have their own jacket we recommend that they use their own because ours may not fit properly. ALSO please make sure you have MULTIPLE neckties so that the shoot will go faster.

Q: What if we need more time at the shoot?
A: We schedule each composite shoot based on the time it will take to shoot the estimated amount of members attending the photo shoot. However, if you would like additional time for any reason we can extend your time for an additional cost. This fee is added on for the cost of keeping the photographer for the additional time.

Q: Will I get to pick the picture used on the composite?
A: Yes! At the shoot you will be able to view your photographs and select the one that will be used on the composite.

Q: Do I owe a deposit at the end of the shoot?
A: Yes, your Scheduling Coordinator will tell you how much you owe and you can give your deposit to your photographer. For more information, see the “Pricing and Billing” section below.

After the Composite Shoot >

Q: My Composite shoot is over, now what?
A: We highly recommend that you complete Steps 1-3 in your myGYB account BEFORE your composite shoot, but if you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to do it! (Hint: If these steps are completed before your shoot, your designer can start working on your composite immediately!) We cannot begin ANY design work on your composite until you fill out your Account Information (Step 1), Ordered List (Step 2) and Composite Options (Step 3)

Q: What if some of my members did not make it to the photo shoot? What options do they have?
A: We have several options for members who were/are unable to attend the photo shoot! They can be listed as Not Pictured, they can reuse a photo from a previous year, or they can even submit their own photo. (There are additional design fees associated with reusing and submitting photos due to the extra design work involved). If a significant amount of members missed, you can always schedule a makeup shoot! Just contact your scheduling coordinator and let them know 3 new dates that will work best for you!

Q: Can I order copies of my photograph/portraits for my family?
A: Of course! About 4-6 weeks after the photoshoot, proof cards will be mailed to your family at the address you provide at the photo shoot. It will have the different poses taken at the time of the shoot and a variety of photo packages that can be ordered. You will also receive an online gallery code to view and order your photos digitally.


Q: What is myGYB?
A: myGYB is GreekYearbook’s online design tool for your composite. This unique online account management tool will allow you to monitor all progress of your composite from scheduling to shipment of the final product. In this account, you will be able to see all details about your composite shoot, talk directly to your designer, and get answers to all of your questions regarding your composite design.

Q: What are Steps 1-3 and why are they so important?
A: Step 1 – Account Information: This will ensure you receive all important notifications about your composite’s status, as well as make sure we are contacting the correct person at all times.
Step 2 – Ordered List: This tells us everyone who will appear on your composite, the order they will appear in, any officer title they may have AND the correct spelling of their name. You can ALWAYS make changes to this list, so if you fill it out prior to your shoot – no worries!
Step 3 – Composite Options: This tells us your design options including background color, borders, fonts, frame, etc… letting us know how you want the composite to look. Don’t worry – your composite options are not set in stone. You can make any changes you need to later on! Have you worked with us in the past and want your composite to look the same? Just click the “reuse composite options” button.

Q: Can I get a list of members who came to the photo shoot? And what happens if I submit my ordered list and I am not sure who had their picture taken?
A: Once we have compiled a list of your photographed members, the list will be posted in your myGYB account. You can go ahead and submit your list prior to knowing if someone was photographed. When your designer is creating the first proof of your composite, they will note any discrepancies between your ordered list and the photographed members list. They will then ask you how you wish to proceed! That way if any of the members would like to submit or reuse a photo you can let us know.

Q: What if I need to make a change on my Composite?
A: GreekYearbook guarantee’s 100% error free Composites! We design through an unlimited proofing system. This means that as soon as your designer has all of the information needed your Composite will go into Proof in Production. Once the proof is completed, you will receive a notification and be able to either approve or reject the proof, providing your designer feedback on what you would like changed. Customer service is extremely important here at GreekYearbook, so we’re happy to provide unlimited changes to the proof until it’s 100%!

Q: When will I receive my Composite?
A: You can receive your composite in as little as 30-60 days from your shoot. Your turnaround time also depends on how proactive the Chapter Contact is. As long as he/she is staying on top of their responsibilities, our designers will work as quickly as possible to produce your chapter’s composite. Your chapter’s unique myGYB account allows you to get real time status of your composite. You will get automatic email updates, and be notified when you are required to take an action or response.

Pricing and Billing >

Q: Does Greekyearbook have payment plan options?
A: GreekYearbook does offer customizable payment plans! Please contact our office and we would be more than happy to work with you on a plan!

Q: What form of payment is acceptable?
A: We accept checks made out to GreekYearbook, money orders, or credit card payments made online or by phone, (866) 473-3592. Cash will not be accepted!

Q: What if there are less/more people on my composite then I originally anticipated? Will this affect my price?
A: The reason we give you an Estimated Total at the beginning of the process is because we will not truly know the final cost of your composite until you approve your final proof. The total price for your composite will reflect the amount of members you have listed on the composite (including the Not Pictured list). So if you have more or less members than you originally thought your final price will be adjusted to reflect the final number.

Q: When is the final payment due? If some members submitted or reused a photo when do I pay for that?
A: After your composite is completely designed and approved you will be invoiced for any remaining balance you may have. There may be a remaining balance if your member count fluctuated, or if there are any additional charges from reusing or submitting photographs.

Printing and Shipping >

Q: Can I make changes to my composite after it has gone into the printing process?
A: You have 24 hours from when your Composite goes into print to address any changes that were missed or recently noticed on either the GreekYearbook side or the customer side. If anything needs to be changed within those 24 hours, please contact us immediately to stop printing. After the composite has been printed, revisions will incur a re-print fee to your chapter, up to $500.

Q: How do I know where my composite is being delivered to and when to expect it to arrive?
A: Your composite will be shipped to the address your chapter contact provided us in myGYB. Once your composite is shipped your myGYB status will change to “shipped!” You will be notified via email and a FedEx tracking number will be placed in the tracking section of your myGYB account. You can then track your package to see the expected delivery date.

Q: I forgot to update my shipping address before the composite shipped. Now what?
A: Contact GYB immediately, we may be able to re-route the package. If the composite is undeliverable to an address for any reason, then the carrier will return the composite to GreekYearbook. At that time the chapter will be responsible for extra shipping charges, reprint fees, and/or re-boxing fees that may total up to $500.

Q: My composite arrived damaged? What do I do?
A: Please note that if your chapter finds any damage to the composite when delivered, you have 30 days from the date of delivery to notify GreekYearbook of that damage and avoid any reprint fees for replacing the damaged composite. So make sure to open your composite immediately and notify GreekYearbook if there has been any damage during shipping. Photos of the damage will be required, so do not dispose of your damaged composite.


Ordering Portraits >

Q: What if I already placed a portrait order but am still receiving emails and mailers from you?
A: We send out emails and mailers to everyone who provides us with information at their photo shoot. If you are curious on the status of your order, please contact or call 1.866.GREEK.YB

Q: Can I still order my individual portraits from previous years?
A: Yup! We keep your photos for about 3 years. If you are inquiring about photos older than 3 years, give us a call and we can check availability.

Q: What if my name is spelled incorrectly on my proof card?
A: When placing your portrait order, inform us on the correct spelling of your name.

Q: I am unable to place a portrait order through your online ordering system, what should I do?
A: Give us a call and we’d be happy to take your portrait order over the phone. We can also send you a proof card and order form to order by mail.

Q: I want the large photo on the proof card, how do I know which photo that is?
A: We call that pose the named photo. It is the image that your student chose at the time of the shoot to go onto their composite. When calling in your order, just let us know you would like to order the named photo (or large photo on the proof card) and we will know what you mean!

Q: When will my individual portraits be ready for purchase?
A: If you provided us with an email or mailing address at your photo shoot, you will be sent an email and proof card with the ability to purchase portraits within 4-6 weeks.


Booking Initiation Photography >

Q: How does Initiation Photography work?
A: It works just like our free Bid Day Photography, so if you’re already a Bid Day client then you’ll know what to do! We take group photos of the full chapter and each pledge class. While we’re photographing the pledge classes, we hand out order forms to those members who aren’t being photographed. At the end of the shoot we collect all the order forms and we’ll send your chapter an invoice for your photos ordered. There’s no obligation to order and minimum order requirement, but all orders are final and they cannot be canceled.

Q: Is Initiation Photography just for Sororities?
A: No way! We take plenty of Fraternity Initiation photos. It’s not often that you can get your entire chapter together in one place, dressed to the nines. So take advantage of this occurrence at Initiation and book your free photographer.


Booking Installation Photography >

Q: How does Installation Photography work?
A: For Installation photography, we start off with a group photo of the entire chapter. For each photo we take we do a formal/serious pose and then a fun/crazy pose if you’d like. If any Advisors or alumnus are present they are more than welcome to join in on the photos.


Booking Convention Photography >

Q: Can GreekYearbook make a slideshow for our final banquet comprised of photos taken at our convention?
A: Absolutely! We often create slideshows for our clients – with or without music. These slideshows are a great way to reminisce on the time spent at your convention.

Q: Can I see the photos GYB took at my convention?
A: We post online galleries of all the photos we take at each convention. Go to our “Conventions” tab at the top of the page to find your convention photos or click here >>

Q: Can I see the photos GYB took at my convention?
A: Yes! We post online galleries of all the photos we take at each convention. Go to our “Conventions” tab at the top of the page to find your convention photos.