A composite program that benefits the Greek Life office as well as individual chapters.

Greek Life Office Perks

Referral Bonus: You’ll receive $50 for each new chapter that signs up with GreekYearbook – every year!

Digital/Printed Images: Free low-res digital portraits of all members photographed for office use, upon request.
Chapter Composite Copies: Digital and/or printed copies provided, upon request.

100% NPC & IFC Participation

Chapter Presidents Composite: Includes each chapter presidents’ photo, title, and chapter affiliation.

Council Composite: The Greek Life office will receive a large, framed council composite and each council member will receive an 11×14” printed copy.

Individual Chapter Perks

10% Composite Discount: Every year the chapter remains a composite customer.

Digital Portraits: Low-res digital portraits of each member photographed ($2.50/member value).
Executive Council Portrait Prints: Executive officers will receive one free Delta Package ($78 value) of their portrait. Each chapter will get 6 free packages ($450 value per chapter).

100% NPC & IFC Participation

20% Composite Discount: Every year the chapter remains a composite customer.

Executive Council Composite: Framed 12×4” Composite acknowledging leadership roles within the chapter.

Group Scheduling Experience: VIP treatment, including additional photography time.

How It Works:

Your Greek Life office signs a partnership agreement.
Together we announce the program through social media and email outreach.
We track all new customers acquired through the program.
A recurring $50 referral bonus is paid, each year, to your Greek Life office for every participating chapter.

How We Work Together:

Promote The Partnership

Promote the partnership by announcing it through social media, the university’s Greek Life website, and email communication to your chapter’s.

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