How To Take Your Virtual Bid Day Photo

Our Process (in a nutshell)

With images that follow the guidelines below, we are able to edit each member’s photo and compile virtual Bid Day photos for your chapter!

Before You Start

  • Have your friend or fam take the photo. No selfies, sorry!
  • Use the standard camera on your phone. Do not use the selfie camera, wide angle, portrait mode, live photo or HDR mode etc.

Important Note:

Facemasks cannot be worn. Our editing software uses facial recognition which doesn’t work when wearing a facemask.

Step 1:

Location & Lighting

R Stand in front of a solid wall.

R Make sure there is even lighting.

Q Avoid harsh lighting and shadows.

Q Do not use a flash.

Q Do not stand on shaggy carpet or grass.

Step 2:

Spacing & Angle

R Stand 6’ from the camera.

R Phone should be level and held at the waist. *This will feel weird but it’s important! If the phone is held high & angled – you’ll look like you have a large head & a tiny body in the group photo.

Q Do not hold the phone high or at an angle.

Q Do not use the zoom feature on your camera at all.

Step 3:

Your Final Image

R Make sure there is space above your head and below your feet in the final photo.

Q Do not edit or crop your photo (that means no filters, facetune, etc).

Step 4:

Submitting Your Photo

R Submit your photo using the online form sent to you by your chapter’s Bid Day contact. Then we will take it from there!