A Composite Partnership that benefits National Organizations as well as individual chapters.

National Organization Perks

Referral Bonus: You’ll receive $50 for each new chapter that signs up with GreekYearbook- every year!

Free National Convention Photography: Once we photograph 75% of your chapters, we’ll photograph your national convention.
Free Digital/Printed Images: Digital images and/or printed copies of each chapter’s composite and each members’ portrait.

Free Chapter Presidents Composite: Once we photography 75% of your chapters, you’ll receive a chapter president’s composite.

Individual Chapter Perks

Annual Composite Discounts: Each chapter will receive a composite discount of $100 every year they remain a customer.

Free Digital Portraits: Digital images of each member photographed ($2.50/member value). Great for LinkedIn and website profiles.

Free Executive Council Composite: Each chapter will receive a 12×4” Executive Council Composite which recognizes leadership roles.

How It Works:

Your organization signs a partnership agreement.
Together we announce the partnership through social media and email outreach.
We track all new customers acquired through the partnership.
A recurring $50 referral bonus is paid, each year, to your national office for every new chapter.

National Organization

What do we need from you?

Social Media Post:
Promote the partnership on social media platforms with an image or advertisement.

Website Announcement:
Add a partnership announcement to the organization’s website.

Email Outreach:
Announce this partnership by emailing chapter members or leaders.

Contact Information:
Provide an updated email list of primary chapter contacts.

Announcement Letter:
Provide a letter explaining the partnership for our team to use when speaking with chapters.

We’re trusted by over 4,500 chapters and 198 organizations across the country. With over 750 four & five star reviews, you can confidently recommend us to your chapters.