Health And Safety

Focusing on the health and safety of our customers and photographers, we have outlined the following procedures for Composite Photoshoots moving forward.

Updated as of 7/18/2022

Maintain Proper Social Distance

We will be advising chapters that 1 – 10 members are allowed in the photoshoot room at a time depending on room size and photographer discretion. If additional members arrive, they must wait outside of the photoshoot room. We are strongly encouraging that all chapters use our provided sign-up sheet to limit the number of people at the location at one time and to reduce waiting time.

Protective Wear &
Reduced Client Contact

We recommend you bring a mask with you to the photo shoot and abide by University and local guidelines. We are also recommending members to wear masks to the photo shoot and while they’re waiting to be photographed. After being photographed, members will fill out their own forms in their entirety. Once they are finished getting their photos taken, the photographer will verbally communicate the information needed.

University Policies

A week prior to the photo shoot, reach out to the contact(s) for any local/university policies that you may need to follow in order to have the photo shoot on campus. For example registration as a visitor.

Jackets And Drapes

GreekYearbook will not be providing drapes and jackets for communal use at the photo shoots. We are recommending that fraternity members bring their own jackets, and that sorority members opt to wear black shirts, as opposed to drapes. We will, however, allow clients to purchase their own drapes, which GreekYearbook will ship directly to the chapter.

Photographer Wellness

Photographers can cancel scheduled photoshoots without penalty if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, sickness of any kind, awaiting COVID-19 test results, or asked to quarantine. Photographers will not return to work with GYB for 10 days, and until symptoms disappear, or until they have authorized medical approval. GreekYearbook can reschedule photoshoots with other photographers within the 10 day waiting period, or with the same photographer after the 10 day waiting period.

Client Wellness

We are telling clients to not allow any members to attend their photoshoot if they are feeling sick, have been in close physical contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, or asked to quarantine due to potential exposure.

Please email the scheduling department with any questions or concerns.