How To Take And Submit Your Composite Photo

Our Process (in a nutshell)

Members who’ve missed your chapter’s photoshoot can have their photo taken and submitted using the guidelines below. We will edit each member’s submitted photo so it looks like they were at your chapter’s composite photoshoot.

How to take your composite photo
How to take your composite photo

Before You Start

R Take a photo that you love! If you wouldn’t post your photo (unfiltered & unedited), then please take a new pic (that you love).

R Have your friend or fam take the photo using the standard camera on your phone.

Q If the submitted photo does not meet our requirements, you will need to submit a new photo or you will be listed as not pictured.

Q No selfies, or images pulled from social media, sorry! Do not use wide-angle, portrait mode, live photo or HDR mode etc.

Step 1: Attire

Submitted Photo Attire

Ladies: Wear a black top with the straps or sleeves pushed off your shoulders. Wear your hair off or behind your shoulders in order to have a drape added digitally.

A drape WILL NOT be added to your photo if your shoulders are obstructed by clothing and/or hair.

Gents: Please try and dress to match the attire worn during your chapter’s photo shoot. If specific ties, jackets etc. were worn, please wear the same attire.

Step 2:

Lighting & Location

How to take your composite photo

R GOOD LIGHTING IS KEY. If your photo is not well-lit we cannot use it. Pro tip: Stand facing a window. Do not stand under bright, harsh lighting.

R Natural, even lighting is best. Using unnatural light may cause discoloration.

R Try and find a background that is less busy. Pro tip: Avoid a wall that is the same color as your hair.

R Only use a flash if it’s not possible to get a well-lit photo without one.

Step 3:

Spacing & Cropping

R Both shoulders, and your entire torso should be visible.

R Make sure there is space above your head.

R Stand about 2’ from the wall if possible.

Q Do not crop your photo.

Step 4:

Send Your Photo

How to take your composite photo

R Send your photo at “actual size” and uncompressed to your chapter contact.

R Your image file should be titled with your name.

R Your image file must be .jpg or .jpeg.

Q Do not edit your photo (no filters, facetune, etc).

Step 5:

Chapter Contact Upload

myGYB example

R Your chapter contact will upload images in the “File Upload” section of your myGYB account.

If you are submitting a photo that was professionally taken, a copyright release must be included which grants GreekYearbook permission to reproduce and/or manipulate the image. Any cost to obtain said image or copyright release is at the expense of the organization or individual(s).

After a submitted photo is edited and added to your composite, the additional $25 submitted photo fee will not be removed.