How To Take And Submit Your Composite Photo

Our Process (in a nutshell)

We will use submitted photos and/or members’ photos from a previous year (taken by GreekYearbook) to create your composite! Each member for whom we don’t have a photo, will have their photo taken and submit it using the guidelines below.

How to take your composite photo
How to take your composite photo

Before You Start

R Have your friend or fam take the photo.

R Use the standard camera on your phone.

Q No selfies, or images pulled from social media, sorry!

Q Do not use the selfie camera, wide angle, portrait mode, live photo or HDR mode etc.

Step 1: Attire

Submitted Photo Attire
Submitted Photo Attire

Ladies: Wear a black top with the straps or sleeves pushed off your shoulders. Wear your hair off or behind your shoulders in order to have a drape added digitally.

A drape WILL NOT be added to your photo if your shoulders are obstructed by clothing and/or hair.

Gents: Please try and dress to match the attire worn during your chapter’s photo shoot. If specific ties, jackets etc. were worn, please wear the same attire.

Step 2:

Location & Lighting

How to take your composite photo

R Find a solid wall in a well-lit room and stand 2’ from the wall. Pro tip: Avoid a wall that is the same color as your hair.

R Natural, even lighting is best. Using unnatural light may cause discoloration.

Q Avoid harsh lighting which may cause unflattering shadows. Pro tip: Do not stand directly under your light source.

Q Do not use a flash.

Step 3:

Spacing & Cropping

R Both shoulders, and your entire torso should be visible.

R Make sure there is space above your head.

Q Do not crop your photo.

Step 4:

Your Final Photo

How to take your composite photo

R Your image file must be .jpg or .jpeg.

R Send your photo at “actual size” – uncompressed, if using a smartphone.

Q Do not edit your photo (no filters, facetune, etc).

Step 5:

Submitting Your Photo

R Submit your photo using the online form sent to you by your chapter’s Composite contact. Then we will take it from there!

If you are submitting a photo that was professionally taken, a copyright release must be included which grants GreekYearbook permission to reproduce and/or manipulate the image. Any cost to obtain said image or copyright release is at the expense of the organization or individual(s).