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Don’t spend extra to have your photos framed + matted. GreekYearbook offers an exclusive product line that will look amazing on your walls, no treatment needed. Choose from 6 different options!

GYB is the only photography company that offers these exclusive products! Request a free quote to tell us when you want your free Initiation photographer!

Initiation Products:

"print package" initiation photo product

Print Package

One formal chapter photo & one chosen class photo. Or choose both your formal and fun class photos!

"house fun photo" initiation photo product

House Fun Photo

Your chapter fun photo with your organization's crest and lettering. 10x15”

"initiation montage" initiation photo product

Initiation Montage

Features your formal chapter and class photos. 11x14”

"framed + matted photo" initiation photo product

Framed & Matted Photo

Your formal chapter photo, professionally framed and matted. 11x14”

"house fun photo" initiation photo product

The Class Act

Features your fun and formal class photos. 11x14”

Quick facts on Initiation photography

Photography: We start off with a group photo of the entire chapter. For each photo we take we do a formal/serious pose and then a fun/crazy pose. After shooting the chapter photo we will continue by taking a photo of each pledge class or year. Our photographers are seasoned professionals who photograph bid day all year round and will make the photo taking process fun and easy for your members.

Scheduling: Scheduling is easy with GreekYearbook bid day photography services! GreekYearbook has a network of over 200 photographers and is available to every school in both the United States and Canada. Once your chapter or Panhellenic council sends in a contract, we will then book a team of our professional photographers to come out to you on your Initiation. We know how hectic this day can be and our professionals will work hard to ensure things go smoothly and quickly. You will work directly with our scheduling team who will make sure to meet all of your needs.