151st Chi Phi Congress in Columbus, Ohio

Generations of Chi Phi delegates, leaders, alumni, and guests gathered for the 151st Chi Phi Congress in Columbus, Ohio. GreekYearbook was honored to photograph such a meaningful and impactful event. Brothers united to accomplish fraternity affairs and families bonded while enjoying Columbus. We were honored to capture the weekend for Chi Phi!

The event was filled with congressional sessions that met periodically to conduct official affairs of the fraternity. Official decisions were made in regards to policies, budgets and legislation. The 2016 Congress was a great opportunity to bring together national leaders, delegates, honorees and leadership participants. Together they set forward the future of Chi Phi.

Our time spent with the brothers of Chi Phi was very inspirational. The leadership and values of Chi Phi brothers was displayed throughout the weekend events. It was a pleasure to be surrounded by such goal-oriented men. GreekYearbook is already looking forward to spending time with the Chi Phi fraternity at the next Congress event!

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