You’ve heard of “Man’s Best Friend”?

Whether you have a pet or your friend/family member has one, I’m sure we’ve all had some type of fun interaction with animals. Pets are loving companions and bring such joy to people. A lot of the time, when you hear the word pet, you also think of the phrase ‘man’s best friend’. Sororities and Fraternities have even adopted the idea of having a family pet and many now have House Pets/Mascots for their chapter.

Like chapter members, the House Pets go through the same process for a composite portrait, but it is definitely a little trickier! Some people may wonder, how do you get your pet to stand so still for a photo? How do you get them to look at the camera? How do you get them to wear bow ties/pet gear? With PRACTICE!

If you’re looking to take a portrait of your pet, here are some tips and tricks to get them to ‘sit pretty’ for a photo.

  1. Treats are your friend! Have a bag full of treats in your pocket ready to use. Reward your pet when they stay still and when you put any pet clothes/ties on.
  2. Pet toys are a good option to use as well. Hold them up behind the camera to grab the pet’s attention and draw their eye to the camera.
  3. Baby talk! Who doesn’t baby talk to their pet?! Get behind the camera and try to get your pet to look your way without getting them too excited.
house bunny
house hedgehog
house fish
house duck
As for pet gear, some people love it, some people hate it. The popular theme for sororities and fraternities seems to be ties and bow ties! You can find adorable pet accessories like these on sites like Amazon, Etsy, Petsmart, Chewy, etc.

Aside from your common cats and dogs, some chapters have some very unique pets! Take a look at some of these unique House Pets GreekYearbook has been lucky enough to photograph. Does your chapter have a house pet? Would you consider getting one? Let us know in the comments below!

house turtle
house guinea pig
house goat