Between managing classes, sorority recruitment events, formals, sorority composite planning, and more, college life can get a little hectic! In order to be a successful multi-tasker, time management is key. Establishing a strong repertoire in time management is the perfect way to take on demanding leadership roles, grow your resume skills and pull off that 4.0 you have been dreaming of! GreekYearbook is excited to share our top three tips and tricks for becoming a master of time management.

1. Prioritize

Our first tip is to learn the importance of prioritizing tasks. Start by establishing what is important to you along with specific deadlines. These tasks need to completed first and should take precedence over tasks that can be done at a later time. Creating a priority checklist is the perfect way to ensure tasks are completed in an efficient way! Choosing to complete urgent items first will prevent any missed deadlines and forgetfulness.

2. Compromise & Be Flexible

Not everything can go as planned and sometimes things come up that you weren’t expecting. Allow some room for flexibility and compromise within your schedule. Last minute tasks or events can spring up and it’s important to allow some time to get these tasks finished. Leave room in your calendar to compensate for these. Open time slots will allow you to move things around a little when needed. If nothing comes up, even better you just got yourself a few hours of complete freedom to binge on your latest TV show or hang out with your roommate!

3. Organize

Organization is key to becoming an expert on time management! Once the semester starts rolling, assignments and projects can get lost in the shuffle. Putting all of your projects and daily tasks into calendars and planners will help keep everything on track and on time. Make sure you use a calendar that syncs easily with your phone and all of your devices. Doing so will help organize your projects, social life, and sorority events! Believe us, these are a key to time management success!