Joining a sorority or fraternity is a lifelong commitment and engaging your alumni is a very important aspect of creating a life-lasting bond. As an active member, it is important to remember to engage your alumni throughout the year. We compiled a list of four ways to help you keep your local alumni active in your chapter!


A great way to engage your organization’s alumni is to send out a semesterly or monthly newsletter. The newsletter can inform alumni of accomplishments big and small, like completing your new sorority composite or fraternity composite, recruitment, and fundraisers. The newsletter can also provide updates on social events, and activities. Be sure to keep your records current with correct email addresses. We suggest getting a personal email from all graduating seniors during your senior sendoff event!

Alumni Lunch or Brunch

Dedicating an event to the alumni is a great way to get them to come out to campus to interact with active members. A simple lunch or brunch offers the perfect amount of time to catch up and talk about the upcoming events. Honoring your alumni each year keeps them active within your sisterhood and involved in your chapter!

Philanthropy & Fundraising Events

Always invite your alumni to all of your chapters big events! Be sure to include all those important times, dates and notes in your next newsletter. Typically alumni are more than happy to make a trip out to campus to contribute to your fundraising efforts or to assist with the philanthropy event. Extending the invite goes a long way with engaging your alumni!

Connect with the Local Alumni Chapter

Contacting your local alumni chapter is a great way to establish an alumni relationship! Alumni chapters love interacting with active chapters around them whether it be through volunteer opportunities, events or chapter meetings. Building a relationship with them is the perfect starting point for engaging local alumni with your chapter.