Alpha Chi Omega Convention in Orlando, FL

Last weekend we were honored to photograph the Alpha Chi Omega women at their 2016 National Convention in Orlando, Florida. The convention promised sunshine and sisterhood and delivered tenfold. They shared in enriching experiences with sisters from all over the country. It is always so special to see the unique values of an organization bring people together as one.

The weekend was jam packed with friendship, leadership and fun! It was an honor to be apart of the amazing activities Alpha Chi Omega planned for their sisterhood. With such amazing speakers and leadership seminars, the ladies of Alpha Chi Omega are now prepared to lead and grow their organization this coming year! Throughout the weekend, ladies honored the women who impact them by purchasing stars. This year they surpassed their goal of $200,000, all of which goes toward Foundation-supported programs and initiatives! Congrats on reaching your goal!

As always, we love being surrounded by such strong women and leaders! We are so happy we were able to capture this year’s event. We are already looking forward to the 2018 National Convention in Austin, TX!

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