Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Seminar in Dallas, TX

Alpha Delta Pi sisters across North America came together last weekend in Dallas, Texas for a memorable Leadership Seminar. We were fortunate enough to photograph the seminar events as sisters created new bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. It was an honor for GreekYearbook to capture these unique shared experiences.

Joining Alpha Delta Pi this last weekend was such a joyful experience. We were able to witness sisters, alumni and advisors connect over their love for their sorority, their values and their leadership. It was evident that the pillars of Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood hold true. We saw such generosity, authenticity and vulnerability throughout the weekend!

It is always a treat to be able to surround ourselves with the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi! We hope everyone had a fantastic time at this year’s Leadership Seminar. Please check out the slideshow from the weekend, it truly shows how special this organization is. Thanks again for having us at this year’s event, looking forward to the next!

To view all convention photos click here!

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