Alpha Omicron Pi Leadership Institute in Franklin, TN

We were honored to photograph the woman of Alpha Omicron Pi at their 2016 Leadership Institute in Franklin, Tennessee. Hundreds of women came together with an incredible passion for everything that

Alpha Omicron Pi stands for. Watching these women learn and grow from each other was an honor. The sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi are out to make a difference in their communities through the values of their amazing organization.

Sisters spent time with Rosie the Panda, attended leadership building seminars and created strong bonds with sisters from around the country! Alpha Omicron Pi sisters are blessed with ritual, sisterhood, personal development and a lifetime of sisterhood. It was evident that all of these gifts were recognized throughout the weekend.

The 2016 Leadership Institute went off without a hitch and everyone enjoyed their stay in Tennessee! It is always sad when each convention comes to an end, but we are already looking forward to attending Alpha Omicron Pi’s next event!

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