Phi Mu National 2016 Convention in Chicago, IL

The Phi Mu Fraternity met in Chicago, IL last week to celebrate their 2016 National Convention! We were so fortunate to be able to capture this special event for the ladies of Phi Mu. The National Convention event was filled with inspiring seminars, leadership activities and a special Carnation banquet. Watching these women grow and learn from one another is very inspiring. We are so blessed to be able to interact with the wonderful women of Phi Mu!

The National Convention schedule was jam packed with amazing events and activities for attendees. Phi Mu sisters made 150,000 meals for Kids against Hunger, soaked in the Chicago skyline on a boat tour and celebrated the amazing accomplishments of nationwide chapters at the event ceremony! We are amazed on all the achievements Phi Mu has made over the past year. You are all such inspirational individuals! We are positive the women of Phi Mu will go on to do amazing things for both the fraternity and the community!

Our very own GreekYearbook Scheduler, Megan, is a Phi Mu Alumna and was able to attend the event. She loved interacting with her Phi Mu sisters and was reassured that the Phi Mu sisterhood is a lifetime bond! We loved being able to share this magical experience with the current, past and future women of Phi Mu! Thank you again for letting us attend this year’s event! We are already looking forward to the 2018 National Convention in Las Vegas!

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