Joining a sorority opens up doors to a ton of leadership opportunities. Gaining leadership skills will not only help you in your future career, but it will also help establish yourself as a young influential leader in society! One of the best ways to gain leadership skills within greek life is running for a panhellenic or chapter position. We took the opportunity to find out first hand what it takes to become a leader and how to succeed in your leadership position!

Become a leader for the right reasons!

Becoming a leader within greek life is a big commitment! Make sure you are ready to take on a demanding role that will require time and effort. It is also important to become a leader for the right reasons!

Danielle, PHC President at Ole Dominion, let us know that her reason for becoming a leader was to provide campus-wide support!

“I became a leader in Panhellenic Council because ever since I joined the Greek community, I had so much support, not only from the women in my chapter, but also from so many women in other chapters. I wanted to make sure that everyone woman who became a member of one of our sororities felt that same love and support, so when they they become leaders, they would be willing to help not only their chapter, but others as well. I also wanted to start building better communication between our chapters, so they will be willing to reach out to each other and realize that in order to see the best growth in our chapters, we need to grow together.”

Haley, PHC President at Southern Illinois, became a leader to positively impact the women around her!

“I became a leader of the Panhellenic council to have a forum for positively impacting women’s lives at a greater capacity than just at the chapter level. I wanted to build on the previous president’s accomplishments, and build a stronger Panhellenic community on our campus.”

Lead with Purpose!

It is super important to establish a plan of action once you become a leader. People will look up to you for answers and solutions to any problems that occur!

Brittany, PHC President at Emporia, let us know that becoming a leader is more than a title, it is about taking action! Brittany reminded us how important it is to lead with purpose!

“I have learned what it means to not only be a leader, but what it ultimately means to act like a leader as well. It isn’t enough just to brainstorm and think of ideas, being a leader means that you take initiative and you act on pursuing those ideas as well. It’s about looking at your Panhellenic community as a whole and deciding what’s best for that community aside from individual differences or personal opinions. It has taught me how to organize, plan and create events, and how to cut through small talk and build meaningful relationships with people.”

Leave your Mark!

Becoming a leader within the Panhellenic community is a huge accomplishment! It is important that you do your best to make positive changes and influences while you are leading the greek community. You are the starting point for making change and leading the next Panhellenic council in the right direction!

Amanda, PHC President at Creighton, told us to leave your legacy!

“Leave your legacy. Choose that one thing you want to see done on your campus and Greek community and make sure it happens. Make sure to include your council. You might want to go off and do your own thing, but your council members are talented too and they can do things you cannot. Together, as a council, you can do great things. Always know that.”

Katie, PHC President at Loyola, urges everyone to become a leader in some way!

“Do it! Absolutely do it! Start to get to know your current President and talk to her about the ups and downs of her job on the council and the goals that she’s working toward during her term. If it is something that you can envision yourself doing then get to know your greek advisor and go for it! The people you get to know from Panhellenic will change your college experience and gives you leadership skills that you can’t get just anywhere.”

Becoming a leader is an amazing opportunity and we strongly suggest taking on a leadership position, big or small! Whether it’s being in charge of your Sorority Composite or being a part of an executive board, you will truly have an experience of a lifetime! We wish the best of luck to all of those starting the fall semester in a new leadership role.

Please comment below why you love being a leader in your sorority!