Recruitment Tips from Pi Beta Phi at the University of California- San Diego

As September draws near, recruitment is quickly approaching! With a checklist of items to complete, being the Recruitment Chair can be overwhelming. Luckily, Evan, a recruitment expert and a sister of Pi Beta Phi- University of California- San Diego, shared her tips for success with us! Follow along below for Evan’s great tips for executing the perfect recruitment week!

Plan ahead

Start planning early for the many upcoming events! We recommend starting the planning process during the previous semester or in early summer! Coordinating recruitment takes time and the perfect recruitment week does not happen overnight. Start checking off your to-do list over the summer to reduce any future recruitment stress!

Bigger the Better

When creating your decorations, larger options are more functional and practical. Instead of small, tedious decorations, lean towards larger options when planning the overall room aesthetic. These are easier to construct, take up more space and is less work for the decorating committee. Don’t have any ideas? Browse through our Pinterest Board for more ideas on recruitment decorations!

Conversations are key

The decorations and aesthetics are not everything! In order to have a successful recruitment, great conversations are essential. Quality conversations during recruitment will leave a better impression on potential new members than what is hanging on the walls! Plan out some great conversation starters and questions that will help your members converse with the PNMs!

Be genuine

If your members are relaxed and natural, it will make the potential new members much more comfortable as they go through recruitment. Nothing will wow the PNMs more than walking into a room filled with kind, genuine individuals!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Not everything goes 100% as expected, but don’t stress! None of the potential new members will notice the missing balloons or the unexpected glitches in scheduling. As long as you keep your cool and do your best to stay on top of everything, it will all work out! Recruitment is one of the most exciting times of the year, relax and make sure to have fun!!