Delta Delta Delta Collegiate Leadership Conference in Phoenix, AZ

Last weekend we had the pleasure of working with the amazing women of Delta Delta Delta at their convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Sisters across the nation came together to learn, grow and celebrate their spectacular accomplishments! It was such a special weekend and we loved interacting with all the sisters, alumnae and guests that were in attendance.

Sisters were able to live, learn, lead and legislate throughout the weekend’s events! Not only did they attend leadership seminars and listened to inspirational speakers, attendees also kicked off the holiday with a Firecracker 5k! Tri Delta also honored some amazing accomplishments that happened over the year! Two sisters were celebrating 75 years of sisterhood and they released their new logo!

It was such an honor to be able to photograph last weekends festivities. We hope that everyone enjoyed their time as much as we did! We are already looking forward to the next Tri Delta event!

To view all of Tri Delta’s convention photos, please click here

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