I have had many opportunities to reflect on exactly how going Greek has truly impacted my life. While in college, I never dreamed of being a “Frat Guy”. They had such an “Animal House” reputation, and I wanted to focus on my school work. Something I hadn’t done in high school.

I was just wrapping up my first year of school and I was doing great. Then, I met someone from Lambda Chi Alpha. He hyped up his Fraternity, but I just tuned him out. “Whatever, I don’t need to buy my friends” I thought. Later that week, he approached me again and this time invited me to a barbeque. I decided to take him up on is offer; and, well, as they say “the rest is history”.

Going Greek has taught me several life lessons: how to manage time, how to guide someone, how to be a leader, responsibility for my and others actions, and most importantly, family and friends are the most treasured thing anyone can have. The memories I have with my brothers will always make me smile.

My fraternity brothers are just that, my brothers. They have been there for me every step of the way. From some of the darkest periods of life when I was a senior, to family health issues, until now, my current battle with cancer. My support system has never been stronger.

I went from never wanting to be a “Frat Guy”, to someone who would never think of not being a “Frat Guy”. Joining a fraternity was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Be part of something larger, do something for others, and extend your family!

– Brandon Croft, Production Manager & Quality Control