When I first started as an intern at GreekYearbook I did not know what to expect. I attend Towson University and play football, so I really have had no time to be in a fraternity. Most of my knowledge of fraternities and sororities comes from movies I have watched. When I first came in for my interview and during my first couple weeks at Greekyearbook I was hearing all these words like bid day photography, composite shoots, and Greek conventions. I honestly had no idea what they were talking about. I had a hard enough time trying to match what Greek symbols matched up to with what words. However, working here for the last couple of months has taught me a lot about the tradition of Greek Life; from the importance of composites for Greek Life to the fun and excitement of bid day for sororities.  My time spent with GreekYearbook has been awesome and I hope to find a job with as good of an atmosphere as the one they have created here.

– Ben Chroniger, Intern