Wow! I can’t believe I am two months into my first internship in marketing at GreekYearbook sorority and fraternity photography company. When an alumni sorority sister approached me with this opportunity, I jumped on the chance to learn more about marketing in a real workplace. There is only so much you can learn in a classroom. GreekYearbook is composed of almost all former Greek life leaders from various universities. I felt comfortable knowing that we all shared something in common at GreekYearbook.

Double majoring in public relations and theatre, I wasn’t sure how I would put my skills to use. However, it was my position as vice president of public relations in my sorority that has helped me the most at GreekYearbook. I used my skills at designing t-shirts to help generate ideas for GreekYearbook’s newest venture: sorority and fraternity apparel. I used my experience with incompetent composite companies to create a website on how to choose a superior sorority or fraternity composite company.

I also had the preconceived notion that an internship would be a lot of busy work. On the contrary, I am having a lot of fun making video collages, websites, Facebook advertisements, and more for GreekYearbook. It is like one big family here and everyone seems happy to be at work. Perhaps we don’t look at it as work at GreekYearbook.

The open environment and positive attitudes at GreekYearbook are reflected in the professionalism of their staff and quality of their products. Since we were all in Greek life, we truly care about the satisfaction of our fellow sorority and fraternity members across the nation. Over the next two months I hope to learn as much as I can from this great crew. Tune in for updates on my interning experience at GreekYearbook!

– Liz Cassedy, Intern