Everybody likes free stuff, and every sorority sister loves to show their pride on bid day.  So we’ve taken these two universal truths and combined them into one fun, weekly contest where chapters can win prizes and show off their uniqueness to the rest of the Greek Life world.  We call it Bid Day Photo of the Week. As you might have guessed, it involves picking the best bid day photos from our recent shoots and posting them on our website, Facebook, and to have people like, tag, share and comment on.

Now you might be wondering what kind of prizes there are to win.  Well, each week we give away one of our awesome over-sized dry erase calendars with the winning chapter’s bid day photo on it.  These calendars are great for your chapter house; they’ll help you keep track of all the important events you’ve got planned, plus you get a way to display your bid day picture for everyone to see.

So…free calendars are cool, right?  But what’s better than a free calendar?  A free composite!  Yep, you read that right:  at the end of each semester we hold a drawing for a free composite (shot, framed and shipped), which is given away to one of the winners of the weekly contest.  All you have to do to be eligible for all of this cool stuff is have the most likes, tags, shares and/or comments on your Bid Day Photo of the Week picture; it’s that easy!  So when you see your chapter’s picture posted to our Facebook page, your organization tagged in a Bid Day Photo of the Week post, or you hear all your friends talking about it…go tag yourself and your friends.  Comment on how good Rachel looked that day, or how you can’t believe Michaela did that crazy thing in that one picture. While you’re there, like our page if you haven’t already (how else are you going to keep up with all the new pictures of your organization’s chapters, Greek Life news, and contest results?) because at GreekYeabook we’re as passionate about Greek Life as you are.

– Jason Collins, Marketing Associate