1-150x150You’re on your own and it feels great. You have no curfew and a new sense of independence. College is finally here and orientation is a thing of the past! Just remember to balance pleasure and work! Here are five things that will assuage that anxiety and give you give you reasons to enjoy freshman year to the fullest!

1) New Friends- You may feel like a little fish in a big pond. Have no fear, this is completely normal and a lot of first year students feel the same way. Making new friends can seem scary at times but it’s not impossible. Everyone wants to meet new people. Friends can be made anywhere; in class, in the dining hall or at that fun party over the weekend. Just remember to be friendly and be yourself!

 2) Greek Life- Whether you decide to rush a Fraternity/Sorority or not, Greek life is a driving force for attending many Universities nationwide.  Now I know what you’re thinking: they pay for their friends, they party all the time, and Sorority girls are just ditsy blondes. Absolutely none of these are true! In fact, joining a Greek letter organization means being a part of something that’s much bigger than you can imagine. Even if you decide this isn’t the path for you, the Greek community hosts a ton of fun events for you to enjoy with your new friends.

2-150x1503) Decorating- Have you been dying to paint your room a certain color? Have you had the same decorations since grammar school? Not anymore! Your dorm room lets you show off your personal style!

4) School Spirit- Sports aren’t for everybody, but tailgating is! What’s more fun than hanging out with friends and having a barbecue before the big game? This is an awesome way to meet new friends and wear those school colors with pride.

3-150x1505) Exploring a new city- Being away from your parents can be scary; however living away from home (moving out of state) broadens your horizons exponentially. Take advantage of your new surroundings and discover new things. Take some time to go on a drive or experience the night life. Developing a familiarity and an appreciation for your College town goes a long way to making your College experience great!

Kim Casazza, Marketing Intern