The question that haunts your dreams: “Do you have an internship yet?”

There are a ton of internships available in various different fields. The trick is to find an internship that benefits both the company AND you. I had the pleasure to intern at the most unique and growing company – GreekYearbook!

GreekYearbook’s Internship was that unique internship for me! My impression of GYB:

  • Relaxing Work Environment
  • Young & Welcoming Employees
  • Engaging Everyday Tasks (plus an End-Of-The-Semester Project)
  • Accommodating Management (they worked with my course load to create a flexible schedule)

The GYB internship sets itself apart from all the rest. From the open floor plan office space to the projects I was able to personally oversee from start to finish.

On the last day of my internship, I asked a simple question that helped take my college unpaid, part-time internship to the paid, full-time position I have with GYB today – “Do you have any positions available?” Because of my work ethic, drive, and overall love for this internship (which they noticed from Day 1), they created a new position to keep me on the GYB team!

My GreekYearbook internship experience was unique, challenging, and rewarding. My Rags to Riches story is actually more like “Intern to Full Time Employee” but let’s be honest – having a full time job (that you truly enjoy) after college is riches to a post grad.

Interested in an internship with our GYB team? Email to hear about the awesome opportunities we currently have available!

-Megan Hancheruk, Scheduling Coordinator