Graduation is defined as the action of receiving or conferring an academic degree, usually associated with a ceremony where students become graduates.  The only part that resonates with my senioritis is the part that describes graduation as a ceremony, where students become graduates.  In translation, graduation is a day-and-summer-long party all about my friends and me, where we get to dress up and become recognized for making it through the four (or more – I’m not judging) most difficult and exciting years of our lives.  And to that, I would like to say thank you!

      gradThank you to Mom and Dad who have continuously given their financial support to my education and extracurricular activities (that will remain nameless), and who have provided affectionate support whenever they received the mid-semester and two-weeks-till-the semester-ends emotional breakdown phone calls.  To those awkward freshman girls that somehow found each other in a school of 20,000 students, thank you for getting over the uncomfortable “I will be friends with anyone that talks to me” stage because, as it turns out, you will continue to be best friends for years to come.

      swagThank you to the professors that actually took attendance because without that incentive, I may never have discovered a love for politics and be graduating with a minor in Political Science today.  Thanks to the winter and spring breaks that helped restore some sanity, and ties among old hometown friends, and allowed for memorable experiences in Aruba.  Thanks to Towson for existing as the perfect combination of big-city living with a small-town-feel, and never making me second guess my choice.  And then thank you to myself.  Thank you, simply for just making it to this point, and staying true to you along the way.  I know it was hard, but you did it!  Congratulate yourself on being a member of the Graduating class of 2014, where you are no longer a student; you are a graduate.

Natalie Armstrong, Communication Intern

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