I know all of you undergraduates and working professionals out there can agree that there are actually two purposes of going to college: one is to get a college degree, and the other is to just have fun. But how do we actually accomplish either of those? How can we accomplish both? For all of you undergraduates reading this, you aren’t too late!  Do it for all of the old geezers, uptight control freaks and lazy super seniors who just couldn’t get it right! But most of all do it for you.  You are probably asking yourself, who is this person, and why should I listen? Well, maybe you shouldn’t.  But you were brought to this College Bucket List for some reason, and you should find out what that is. With one month left till graduation, I am becoming a cliché, and can’t help looking back on all the right and wrong things I did, but most importantly the things I did not do.  Here’s my advice:

1. Take a class that has nothing to do with your major what so ever.  Be well rounded.
2. Pull an all-nighter for only academic reasons, of course.
3. Wait, pull another all-nighter for NON-academic reasons, of course.Untitled3
4. Study abroad. Plain and simple.
5. Get involved in anything meaningful on campus (joining a Fraternity and Sorority is always a great option).
6. Get a picture with your school mascot.  Trust me.
7. For a majority of your classes, do the reading.It helps significantly, I swear.
8. Learn a foreign language (sign language was so hard.  My fingers are not so nimble.)
9. Explore your city almost every weekend. I mean like, really go into the nearest city to you and walk around.
10. Always go out the night before a tailgate, then attend the morning tailgate (because day drinking is an event in itself), and then go out that night.  You can sleep Sunday.
11. Take an internship; paid or unpaid, you’ll get paid later in life.
12. Attend every class (no matter how hung-over you are, just get a bagel and some Gatorade).
13. ALWAYS skip class for a bar crawl, opening day, or spring break vacation (it’s not your fault class is scheduled during these events).
14. Make quality friends, not friends for the sake of quantity. Untitled2
15. Oh yeah, apply for graduation, get your cap and gown, and graduate!


Attending college prompts huge change in a person’s life.  To a freshman, this list may make seem unattainable and intimidating.  But to a graduate student, no matter how long you have been out of college, you have definitely been able to cross off some of these, but still wish you had done the others.  This isn’t a type of a “codes to live by” list, so undergraduates, don’t follow this religiously, just have fun with it!  Just like freshman year, everything changes when you graduate.  So, stop reading this and go make life happen.