With Summer coming to an end, sorority recruitment is in full swing! If you are thinking about going through recruitment, the entire process can seem overwhelming. Below are a few helpful tips to keep in mind while going through recruitment from the Greeks at GreekYearbook:

  • Wear a memorable piece of jewelry! Wear that same piece every, single day of recruitment! The sororities are meeting a lot of girls so if you have a small necklace or ring that has story tied to it, it will help them remember you!
  • If you are standing for a long period of time, DO NOT LOCK BOTH OF YOUR KNEES! It will cut off blood circulation and may cause you to pass out – no one wants to be that girl.
  • Don’t go into recruitment with the mindset that you have to join the same sorority all of your friends want. Not everyone will get a bid from the same one but stick with what you most enjoy.
  • Recruitment will feel like speed dating for girls – it essentially is. “What’s your major?” “Where are you from?” “What did you do this summer?” – all of these questions will be asked at every, single party so get used to repeating yourself.
  • Do not believe the rumors. You will hear countless rumors about all the sororities during recruitment but try not to let them impact your decision – it is YOUR decision.
  • Don’t just join for the t-shirts – every sorority has t-shirts. Look at the different personalities of all the girls you meet and their philanthropic missions.
  • I have a full-time job after college because of my sorority – seriously. So it’s not just about the socials and shirts – but hey, they don’t hurt!




(Alpha Gamma Delta, Washington State University Preference Day)

-Megan Hancheruk (Scheduling Coordinator)