When I began with GreekYearbook in 2006 I was not Greek. I’d just graduated from MICA and I was looking to establish myself professionally. I didn’t know when I started, but I was in for an unexpected ride.

GreekYearbook is the most exuberant and personable team I’ve ever worked with. Every member of this organization provides our clients with the experience we would want as Greeks. With the majority of our company having sat for a composite or having been photographed during bid day, we know what it’s like as clients.  Our knowledge and experience allows us the ability to provide the Greek community with the experience they want.

After a few years at GreekYearbook my brother came to me and said it would be great if I joined his fraternity as an alumni.  A short while later after lobbying for the opportunity, my brother stood witness to my initiation into Pi Kappa Phi. That evening, a double entendre of sibling relationship emerged, making each of us both Big’s and Little’s to one another. That semester, I helped our chapter get a nearly free composite through GreekYearbook, one which I had the pleasure to both be pictured within and create myself.

Though I never had the chance to be an active collegiate member and contribute, working among so many former leaders at GreekYearbook – I’ve had the chance to live vicariously through their memories and experiences.

– Tom Maffett, Manager of Production & Design/Head Graphic Designer