Unlimited revisions, always free!

You can make as many design revisions as you want, absolutely free. Nothing too big nor too small. If you want it fixed, we’ll fix it, free! We’re here to make sure your Composite turns out perfect.

From borders to backgrounds, if there’s an option for color then the sky is the limit!

Bold and beautiful. Sleek and modern. The choice is yours! You can choose the font for any text requested on your composite.

Our premium wood frames range from traditional dark walnut tones to intricate and decorative gold. From solid to contrasting details, we have what you need to make your Composite something special.

Border Color
Customizing your border colors for good contrasting highlights can really elevate your Composite’s design. Want some extra color? Go with a double photo border.

Photo Border
Choose from a variety of photo border shapes for each individual photo!

Unlimited Edits + Options
Change your mind as many times as you’d like! You’re in charge, let us know how to make your Composite completely perfect.

Advisors, Sweethearts and Mascots, oh my!
Feature them in your Composite for no additional cost. They will even receive an 11 x 14″ copy of the Composite!

The Benefits of Composites with gyb:

all inclusive pricing icon

All-inclusive Pricing

No worry involved, no surprises.
All-inclusive pricing with no hidden extras!

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preferred scheduling icon

preferred scheduling

We'll work with you, based
around YOUR busy schedule.

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fastest composite turnaround time icon

fastest turnaround time

The fastest time turnaround time in the industry, actually.

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top quality greek composite materials icon

top-quality materials

Premium materials coupled with handmade quality. You won't be disappointed when yours arrives, it'll be wall-worthy right away.

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free composite design options icon

[free] design options

Choose your perfect combination of colors, frames & so much more. Show your groups style, for no additional charge.

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top quality customer service icon

top quality customer service

Your major purchase is OUR major project. Our customer service team is here to ensure that you are 100% happy!

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Quick facts on composite photography

The Shoot: We will schedule a few hours for your Nursing, Law, Pharmaceutical or Dental class to have their Composite shoot. When our Photographer arrives he/she will take 4-5 poses of each person in your group. Each Nursing, Law, Pharmaceutical or Dental class member will be able to view his/her portraits on a screen and approve it at the shoot. If a group member is ever unhappy with his/her photo, we will continue until it is absolutely perfect. Our GreekYearbook photographers are professional, courteous, and extremely efficient at getting your Nursing, Law, Pharmaceutical or Dental Composite photos done in a speedy manner. On average, our Photographers can photograph up to 35 members per hour.

Turnaround: With our online design tool, myGYB, the turnaround time for a Composite is determined by the client. Depending on your specific needs, and if there are any changes, is what determines the length of your turnaround time. On average our clients receive their Composite within 30 business days after their shoot however, we guarantee it within 60 days from receiving all design information needed.

Online Proofing System: GreekYearbook is proud to be the only Composite company in the country that offers myGYB, an online account management system for your Nursing, Law, Pharmaceutical or Dental Composite. You will be able to login to your groups account to:
-Manage and choose your design online using myGYB- Keep GreekYearbook up to date on all your contact information including current shipping address, email and phone number.
-No need to call or email us! Just check your message board to get updates about your chapter's Composite!
-Keep track of all conversations with GreekYearbook to monitor changes and expected time of delivery.
-Get real-time shipping and tracking information for your Nursing, Law, Pharmaceutical or Dental Composite.
-View and request changes to your proof directly online for your Composite.